About JRW & Associates

JRW & Associates is an architectural design and planning firm with an experienced team of local professionals offering architectural services in Madison County and the surrounding region since 1994. JRW has a long-standing familiarity and presence within the Eastern Idaho community and is a well-respected and trusted partner within the region. With this presence comes an understanding of community issues, local agency processes, specific knowledge of design and construction issues, as well as unmatchable knowledge of construction methods and costs. JRW will provide valuable working knowledge of regional facilities, local agency understanding, and key insight to the core community values critical for the success of this study. JRW has strong professional working relationships within the region. These relationships are key to accurate project understanding and realistic facility assessments.

Our team is committed to utilizing local resources to the fullest extent possible. Utilizing JRW’s in-house staff as well as local area sub-consultants, where essential and appropriate reinforcing our commitment to the area and provides additional project understanding.

Project team

Our Project Manager works with our clients from the beginning of the project through completion. The success of every project hinges on the structure and management of the project team. JRW regularly works with local engineering consultants in the mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil disciplines. This assures our clients have good communication and consistent decision making from concept to completion. The competency of our professional team is established by past performance on projects which we have worked with them previously. This team of professionals represents some of the best in their respective profession. They all have extensive experience with a large variety of projects.

Firm profile

JRW & Associates established in 1994 by John R. Watson. Since John’s death, the firm has continued to grow with Brent A McFarland as the Lead Architect. JRW and Associates has been involved in a variety of projects, including healthcare facilities, criminal justice facilities, government buildings, public education facilities, agricultural facilities, commercial and industrial facilities, and community recreation facilities and residential facilities.

Our history is abundant with projects that are well designed, within budget, completed on schedule. They meet the needs of the people they serve. We design facilities that allow for future expansion as the needs of these facilities grow. Each project serves to contribute to the quality of life and to enhance the community.

JRW & Associates takes a client-centered approach with all of our projects. We promote communication within our project team and with our clients. Our strength lies in our ability to work with our clients and to assist in turning their visions into reality.